According to a story in the Economic Times of India, the DC Design Avanti is on its way – but it's going to take a couple of years. Company founder Dilip Chhabria told the paper that he plans to have a manufacturing facility in the Sanand, Ahmedabad district in Gujarat state, India by next year with a production capacity of 3,500 units.

It would be the fourth DC facility in the country. The factory would produce 1,000 models of the cars DC already makes on top of 2,500 examples of the Avanti or an SUV that DC plans to reveal next year.

DC Design has occasionally called the Avanti a supercar, but it more often refers to the red wedge as a sportscar, an appellation that is more in line with its specs; when it was revealed last year the mooted engine was a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost with 265 horsepower. Chhabria said he is targeting aspirational young executives ready to spend 25-30 lakh rupees (about $46,000-$55,000 US) for his offering. He plans to keep them special by only building 4,000 of any DC model, then moving on to the next.

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