Fear not, Tesla drivers. When you take your Model S into the shop and need a loaner car, you'll get... another Model S.

Tesla chief Elon Musk tells USA Today that the all-electric vehicle maker will set aside about 80 Model S vehicles specifically for customers who need to take their cars in for some work. And wait, there's more. Not only will Tesla make sure the loaners are the top-of-the-line, 265-mile single-charge range variety, but the company will even have Tesla folks bring them to customers' homes or offices to eliminate the need for the dreaded drive to the shop. Musk credits Lexus with the idea of making sure customers don't have to downgrade when they take their cars to the dealer garage. Considering you're paying $600 a year for Tesla's service plan, it's the least the company could do.

Earlier this month, Tesla said it had its first-ever profitable quarter for the first quarter and that it sold 4,750 cars through the end of March, 250 more than its sales target.

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