A little over a month after Birmingham City University released its latest details of a home-kit version of its all-electric Westfield racer, an eight-minute video of the car making a very quiet run around a track has surfaced. It's all cockpit POV, though, sadly, and a bug or something hits the camera a little after half-way through.

The university and Westfield Sportscars are pitching a kit for the iRacer that runs about 14,000 British pounds ($21,500 US). The racer can be configured to run on battery power, hybrid or good old-fashioned gas for the gauche set.

UK-based Westfield first announced plans for the iRacer about three years ago and said at the time that the car weighed about 1,300 pounds and could go about 55 miles on a charge. The car reportedly has a 0-60 mile per hour acceleration time of under five seconds.

Check out the university's late-February release here, and check out the on-track video below.

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