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Westfield, a British company that still builds and sells a version of the timeless Lotus 7, has announced plans to offer an al-electric sportscar called the iRacer that it will race in the EV Cup. As you might expect, the car appears to be as minimalist as possible – sporting a claimed weight of just 1,300 pounds – with little bodywork and four fat tires pushed out to each corner.

Inside and underneath the tubular chassis are 440 pounds of lithium iron phosphate batteries, which Westfield says should be sufficient for 55 miles of range under racing conditions. A pair of Oxford Yasa electric motors drive the rear wheels independently and put out over 730 pound-feet of torque.

Performance figures should be brisk, with the run to 60 miles per hour taking under five seconds with a governed top speed of 110 mph. Click past the break for a press release along with a couple of videos showing the iRacer in action.

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Westfield Sportscars join EV Cup with their innovative electric race car, the iRACER.

Westfield's iRACER is a track focused electric vehicle designed and engineered to support a growing demand for zero emission sports cars. With a target total weight of 600kg, powered by two motors delivering 80kW, the final vehicle will have a sub 5 second 0-60mph time, with an electronically limited top speed of 110mph.

Using an intelligent and flexible design, over half (approx. 100kg) of the state of the art Lithium Phosphate batteries will be stored under the floor to lower the centre of gravity. For a greater range and for better weight distribution, additional batteries can also be positioned towards the front of the vehicle. While this flexibility presents a number of practical and financial benefits, it also offers an additional competitive element for optimal vehicle setup for different circuits on the EV Cup calendar.

Westfield's iRACER joins an already exciting SportsEV class line up. Dr. Paul Faithfull, Technical Director of Westfield Sportscars, "we are excited by the prospect of racing against other electric vehicles at circuits across Europe and beyond. EV Cup represents a great opportunity for us to develop vehicle technology on the back of this direct competition, a way to benchmark and to show that electric racing can be as dramatic and exciting as conventional motorsport."

Says Managing Director Sylvain Filippi: "Westfield's iRACER is another example of the excitement behind performance electric vehicles, this time, open top and very lightweight. We look forward to working with Westfield and witnessing the success of their iRACER."

The iRACER is the result of a collaborative project between Westfield Sportscars, and Niche Vehicle Network partners Potenza Technology, Delta Motorsport, RDM Automotive, and Coventry University. Funded through an Advantage West Midlands programme, the vehicle has been styled by upcoming designer Elliott Hawkins from the Royal College of Arts.

Westfield's iRACER is a track focused electric vehicle designed and engineered to support a growing demand for zero emission sports cars.

Westfield iRACER Specs

  • Kerb Weight - 600kg
  • Length - 3600mm
  • Width - 1635mm
  • Installation - Rear, rear wheel drive
  • Bodywork - Lightweight and recyclable

  • Drive motor - Oxford Yasa Motors, 80Kw, 1000Nm @ the wheels
  • Battery - 170kg, Lithium Phosphate

  • 0-60mph - under 5 seconds
  • Top speed - 110mph (electronically limited)
  • Range - 55 race miles on a single charge (extendable)
  • Recharge - 2 hours charge time from three phase generator

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