Sim-Drive continues to move towards its goal of evolving the gloriously fantastical all-electric eight-wheeled Eliica into a mass-produced passenger vehicle by 2015. Introducing the SIM-CEL (Cool Energy Link), the third iteration in the Sim series of prototypes.

At first blush, this latest creation would seem to be taking a few steps backward – it only seats two and its range is given as 324 km (201 miles) on the JC-08 cycle, 17 fewer miles than its predecessor. However, a closer look at the numbers, and the car itself (pictured above), reveals the progress; this thing is amazingly aerodynamic. It boasts a slippery drag coefficient of 0.199. Combined with its four direct drive in-wheel 65-kW (87-horsepower) electric motors, it is now said to achieve an efficiency of 91.2Wh/km (again, on the JC-08 cycle). That's rather impressive.

What makes the SIM-CEL even more remarkable, and helps it stand out from other super-sleek efficient contenders, is the fact that it can also move with a quickness. Its 0-to-100 km/h (62 miles per hour) time is given as 4.2 seconds, which puts in the same class as a Tesla Model S Performance. How now, VW XL1?

Another big difference in this latest vehicle is its construction. While its 1580-kg (3483-lb) weight is identical to that of the previous SIM_WIL, despite having a smaller, 29.6-kWh battery, its dimensions are significantly larger in every direction. ( Click here to see a photo of all three Sim-Drive vehicles parked adjacent each other.) To accomplish this, the CEL retains the space-frame substructure of its siblings but uses CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) for its exterior shell.

The high tech incorporated into this prototype doesn't stop there, though. Included in the package are laser-driven high beams that work with LED headlights to illuminate the night 1.5 times as far as the previous lights.

Scroll down for a short clip of SIM-CEL in motion. While the quick blast of acceleration doesn't translate impressively to video, it does give us a chance to check out that unique body work.

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