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A New York City plow scraped away more than snow early Tuesday morning, Bronx residents say.

Several residents who live along Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx found the sides of their cars damaged when they awoke. At first, they suspected they had fallen victim to vandals. But a surveillance video from a nearby business revealed the truth, they believe.

A city snow plow had scraped the sides of their cars during snowy weather.

"I was kind of baffled by how exactly it happened," resident Godwin Francis tells NBC News, which first reported the multi-vehicle accident. "We were like, 'What's going on? Who did this?'"

Some residents found the city's response – that they are investigating and that victims should file a claim with the comptroller's office – unhelpful.

"Our cars are being damaged," Francis continued. "... someone should come forward and say, 'We'll help pay for the damage.'"

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