The journey of the Torq roadster from Epic EV has been pretty low key for a three-wheeled bullhorn of a car that screams, "LOOK AT ME!!!" with its volume stuck at 11. There hasn't been a flood of press releases calling attention to the effort and there are no bizarre long-form commercials featuring giant wasps. Yes, the company did bring the finalized production version to SEMA 2012, but it was relegated to the parking lot as part of the Dub Show Tour and seemed to go mostly unnoticed.

That might be all about to change. Epic EV has announced it's having a coming out party for its unique all-electric Torq on the 6th of April at its R&D facility in Vista, CA. Along with delivering the first example to a paying customer, the company also is promising some Ride and Drive action and the release of the full specs and accessory pricing. The Torq Roadster's base price is $65,000.

The Torq has undergone some major re-engineering since we first spotted the original prototype back in 2010. With help from the good folks at Palatov Motorsports, the chassis and suspension underlying the topless machine has been sorted and balanced for optimal performance, while the exterior design has been touched by Designs By 11 and Motive Industries.

Now, three-wheel vehicles haven't received a lot of American love in the past, but Epic is betting that four-second, battery-powered jaunts from 0-to-60 and over a G's worth of lateral acceleration might win people over. Indeed, they hope to build over 50 cars this year and many more in 2014. Scroll down to check out the official press release and let us know if you'd take that bet in the comments.
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Epic EV Introduces - The World's Fastest 3 Wheeled Electric Vehicle

Experience the 2013 TORQ Roadster at the Launch Event on April 6th in North San Diego, CA

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Epic EV's new Lithium Powered TORQ Roadster will be available for in-person demonstrations at the Epic EV R&D Center in Vista, CA, Saturday, April 6th from 1pm-5pm. This will be the first event where customers, dealers and media will be able to experience The World's Fastest 3 Wheeled Electric Vehicle, the TORQ Roadster (

The TORQ Roadster does 0 to 60mph in an astonishing 4 seconds and with its 3 wheeled architecture can achieve over 1G of lateral acceleration. Its powerful electric motor provides over 600ft/lbs. of peak torque with a peak instantaneous horsepower of over 400. In addition the TORQ features powerful Wilwood ( 4-piston race proven brakes and a Formula 1 style high-performance custom cam suspension and chassis, designed by Palatov Motorsports ( The TORQ's advanced Lightweight Chassis is built by our partners Magnum Offroad ( and the Advanced Lithium Storage is provided by Flux Power Inc. while the aggressive styling comes from our design partners Motive Industries ( and Eleven Design (

"While seeking record breaking MPGe with the 3 Wheeled Aptera Electric Vehicle I often found myself longing for a more aggressive styled and track worthy adaptation. The TORQ will create a class of its own with its perfect balance of power, handling and aggressive styling," said Chris Anthony, Epic EV's founder and co-founder of Aptera, the World's Most Efficient Commuter Vehicle. "The TORQ Roadster confirms that you don't have to compromise performance to embrace efficient vehicle technologies."

The TORQ Roadster starts at $65,000 in the United States and €50,000 Europe. Deliveries begin in April 2013 with the first unit to be delivered at the April 6th Launch Event. Many TORQs will be viewable at the Launch Event in various stages of assembly and can be reserved at any time.

Epic EV will be producing approximately 50 TORQs in this first year, followed by a substantial increase in 2014. Epic EV is now taking orders for the 2013 TORQ Roadster with a fully refundable $10,000 deposit. A traditional waiting list will be established for 2014 production for 2014 Roadsters. Customers who sign up for the waiting list will pay a $5,000 fully refundable deposit for their place in line. Full specifications and accessory pricing will be released at the Ride and Drive Event on April 6th. If you are a prospective Owner, Media, or Electric Vehicle Evangelist who would like to attend the Launch Event or learn more about the TORQ please contact us at: to make sure we get you the appropriate information or an Invitation.

Event Details:
Come experience the World's Fastest 3 Wheeled Electric Vehicle!
Epic EV R&D Facility
985 Poinsettia Ave., Suite A, Vista CA 92081
Saturday, April 6th, 2013 - 1:00pm-5:00pm
Invitations will go out on March 16th. Must RSVP to by March 29th to attend and reserve a ride time which are limited and on a first request basis.

About Epic EV

EPIC EV's goal is to create accessible, reliable, high performance electric vehicles. We believe the technology exists today to have an electric vehicle grace every garage without compromising performance and style. San Diego, California-based Epic EV designs and manufacturers EVs, The World's First Electric Sport Boat, as well as EV Powertrain Components for partners such as Delorean. For more information or see our Parent Company at

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