Epic pitches electric Amp side-by-side with wasp slaying, off-road action promo

How can an EV save your life when giant insects attack? California-based electric vehicle manufacturer Epic has an answer in a new promo touting the off-road ability of its Amp ATV, a rugged, all-electric four-wheeler that features "silent mode."

In the spot, two hunters hit the trails to test out Epic's four-wheel drive side-by-side when they stumble upon a eerie human skull. Not willing to pass on the chance to inspect the skull, the hunting duo's curiosity summons a human-sized wasp, which comes to slay the both of them.

The hunters make a mad dash for the electric ATV and try to outrun and outgun the killer wasp. Did the duo survive? Was the electric-only Amp ATV up to the task? To find out, check out Epic's out-of-this-world promo after the jump.

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