Nissan Leaf as a chick magnet? Hey, why not?

has figured out what other automakers learned decades ago: a reliable way to sell a car – to a man at least – is to imply that he'll get some action out of it.

In trying to boost sales of its all-electric Leaf, the Japanese automaker has released a 30-second TV spot called Facts that ends the ad with the tagline, "Good for the world, built in America." But it also features a sharp-looking couple going out on a date on a moonlit night. They sip wine and the skip the gas station in favor of a bluff overlooking the water. A quick come-hither look from the redhead and then they heat up the car ... using a smart phone and the remote heating system. In short, the Leaf is being recast as a babe magnet. Watch it below.

Earlier this month, Nissan said it was reorganizing its Leaf operations, putting its chief operating officer Toshiyuki Shiga in charge of all things Leaf and having its EV division corporate vice president Hideaki Watanabe exit to become senior vice president at Nissan supplier Calsonic Kansei Corp.

Nissan, which was hoping to sell 20,000 Leafs a year in the US, moved less than half that number last year and has sold just 1,303 Leafs through the end of February.

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