Just how quick can a pit crew from the Ariel AtomCup swap out a set of tires? Quicker than the span of your standard stop light. One crew set out to prove just that by serving up a full changeover at a downtown London intersection. The team not only manages a complete pit stop ( minus fuel, of course), but they do it with plenty of time to spare and under the watchful eye of a transfixed public. From jack up to jack down, the whole affair takes about 30 seconds.

As you may recall, the AtomCup is the only race series built around the now-legendary open-wheel machine. The series takes place at eight tracks in the United Kingdom, with racers campaigning Cup Spec Atom racers. While the car is technically road legal, the series doesn't allow owners to race their own cars in competition. You can find out more about the event here, and be sure to check out the pit stop video below.

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