Think your morning commute to work is rough?

You'll be thankful it's merely a crawl through traffic after watching this video of brazen thieves, who have been attacking motorists stuck in congestion.

The thieves, who call themselves "Coyotes" congregate around a car stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and then attack the paralyzed vehicle, smashing windows in many cases to gain access and steal possessions while the motorists are helpless.

The attacks have been taking place in Lima, Peru, and this methodology has yet to spread to the United States, according to officials. Police there, according to CNN, have arrested four suspects in the attacks and are searching for four more.

How to deter thieves

Let's face it: If thieves like the ones in the video above target you and your car, it's going to be hard to deter them. When you are trying to avoid car theft and prevent items from being stolen from your car, here are a few simple tips the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends. When exiting your vehicle, ask yourself:

-Do I have the key?
-Are the doors and windows shut and locked?
-Am I parked in a well-lit area?
-Are there any valuables that could be seen?

Additionally, NHTSA urges drivers to park in their garage, not the driveway, whenever possible and to never, for any reason, leave the area while a vehicle is still running.

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