Things took a turn for the worse during this weekend's NASCAR events in Daytona when one of the race cars crashed into the fence that separates the track and the grandstands, injuring 33 fans in the process. In our original report, we included video of this horrifying incident from the TV crews' perspective, but just days later, a video direct from the grandstands has appeared on YouTube.

To recap, Kyle Larson's No. 32 was sent into the fence during Saturday's Nationwide Series race as the result of a multi-car crash that started when Regan Smith's car was turned sideways just before coming into the checkered flag. Larson's car lost its entire front end, and the burning engine was wedged in a hole in the fence.

This fan video, however, shows just how much debris came flying into the stands, including items as large as a tire. Scroll down to watch the scary scene for yourself, though be aware, there are more than a couple Not Safe For Work explicit utterances in the video.

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