Mercedes-Benz reveals Super Bowl ad with Kate Upton, the Devil and... Usher?

And not just any Devil, either. The Dark Lord as portrayed by none other than Willem Dafoe has an offer of wealth, fame and fancy dance moves for the hero of the newest Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial. The spot follows one guy as he fathoms the full width and breadth of the devil's influence, from rubbing shoulders with Kate Upton to challenging Usher to a dance-off and everything in between. The whole scenario hinges on piloting a new CLA around town. So, does our man succumb to temptation or does he hold out against the forces of evil? You'll have to watch the video below to find out.

This isn't the first time Kate Upton has showed up in a Mercedes-Benz commercial. The last time we saw the swimsuit model on our screens, she was tormenting a team of guys as they slaved to wash her CLA. You can refresh your memory by checking out that video here.

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