The Dodge Dart registry lets you ask (beg?) your friend... The Dodge Dart registry lets you ask (beg?) your friends to help fund your new car. (Dodge)
Candlesticks. Microwave oven. Dishes. Le Creuset cookware. Dodge Dart.

Dodge Dart?

Wedding registries are practical, if just as annoying, as lavish weddings themselves. But Chrysler's Dodge brand is trying to tap into the coming wedding season by starting the Dodge Dart Registry to help new couples crowd-fund a new car.

The site lets customers configure and customize the car, and then set a goal for how much money they need in order to make it theirs. Family or friends can sponsor specific parts of a new car such as as an engine, seat or steering wheel.

The site was conceived by Chrysler agency Wieden & Kennedy, and allows the site to be connected to the registered person's Facebook and Twitter feed. The system is powered by crowd-funding site RocketHub. When the goal is met, RocketHub sends the person a check for what was raised.

No company has ever done this before, breaking up the car into parts for people's friends to fund. In many wedding registries, people buy one table setting of a couple's china or glassware because some people choose pricey sets that would be too much for one person to buy.

The Dart got off to a slow start during its launch in 2012. A compact sedan, the car is the first to take full advantage of the Fiat-Chrysler alliance, and is built on an engineering platform that started out life in Italy but has been adapted for a whole new set of Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep vehicles. AOL Autos likes the Dart. You can read about the Dart our here.

If successful, its easy to see how it could be expanded to include new-baby registries. Chrysler is a leader in minivan sales, as well as having other family vehicles like the Dodge Journey.

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