With only 77 ( or maybe 76) examples of the Aston Martin One-77 on the earth, the only thing rarer than the car itself are reviews or test drives of it. Evo Magazine, however, recently had the opportunity to slide behind the wheel of the limited-production Aston Martin supercar. In what it claims to be a world-exclusive, Evo not only got to drive the One-77, but it did so along some incredible roads in North Wales.

Coming in at a cool $1.87 million, we're happy to hear that the car drives as well as it looks. The video does a great job of providing plenty of in-depth information on the car as well as some killer driving shots that really let us hear the car's exhaust note. Considering that we usually only see this car gleaming under the lights of an auto show, the best part of the video might, in fact, be the closing shots showing the sea foam green, super exotic covered in road grime.

If you get jealous easily, you might want to skip this video, but everyone else should check it out below.

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