And Then There Were 76: Aston Martin One-77 wrecked in Hong Kong

It was only a matter of time before we heard word of a deceased Aston Martin One-77. Reports kicking around the web suggest the owner of one of the 700-horsepower supercars got just a bit too close to a curb at a high rate of speed in Hong Kong, sending ultra-rare bodywork scattering across the landscape. Details are scarce at the moment, but reports suggest the owner is from mainland China and the accident only involved the Aston Martin. Even so, reports suggest the car looks as if it was being driven without license plates, which may mean the owner was operating the One-77 without insurance or registration (or simply that the plates were removed after the crash to avoid embarrassment).

Given the supercar's carbon fiber chassis and the significant amount of damage on hand, this One-77 could be the first to head to the scrap pile, but we suspect someone with really deep pockets will revive it, even if it's not the owner. The machine is currently headed back to Aston Martin headquarters for evaluation.

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