David Hill of Wichita, Kansas, has the Christmas spirit, and decided to light up his pickup like the Rockefeller Center tree to prove it. The local constables, though, has their full-body Scrooge on and thought otherwise.

Hill had his Ford F-350 Super Duty covered in 856 Christmas lights to help raise awareness for his charity, One Spark Can Start a Fire, when a Wichita police officer pulled him over and ticketed him for being a "distraction on the road" and illegally displaying red and blue lights on a vehicle.

Not that we are advocating copying Hill's expensive gesture, but we did wonder how he achieved the look. The lights were attached to the truck using magnets and powered by an 8,000-Watt generator mounted in the bed of the truck.

Hill is hoping his story, in the end, will draw more attention to the cause--which is a non-profit organization intent on performing random acts of kindness such as collecting clothes and providing food for the homeless. Check out the video below.

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