We have no qualms admitting our love for vintage Japanese tin. There's just something about the country's hardware from the 1960s and '70s that flips all the right switches for us, and the lovely Skyline sits at the top of that heap. Our friends at Petrolicious seem to share that infatuation. The film crew recently sat down with Ivan Jaramillo outside of San Francisco to take a look at two very special members of his collection. You see, Jaramillo doesn't just own one Skyline. He owns a pair of them, and, unlike some collectors, he uses the cars as they were intended to be enjoyed.

Petrolicious spent some time filming Jaramillo's Hakosuka and Kenmeri tearing through redwood forests with their triple Mikuni carbs barking at the treetops. If you weren't a fan of the ancestors to the modern Nissan GT-R before taking a look at the latest effort from Petrolicious, you will be by the time the clip comes to a close. Check it out below.

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