Body shops employ all kinds of sorcery when it comes to correcting crimes against sheetmetal. Their arsenal of tools is wide and varied and almost always includes a massive suction cup or two. You know, just like the powerful GoPro suction mount.

A skilled hand can apply the suction cup, give a swift yank and fix large, unsightly dents as if they were never there. Curious to apply the theory to your own bruised fender? You're in luck. The video below shows a handful of Kiwis getting crafty with a GoPro mount to fix the rear quarter on their Starlet GT.

Don't have a GoPro? Don't sweat it. Depending on the size and location of your ding, you can pull off the same trick with a little water and an old-school toilet plunger. The move has been saving teenagers from parents' wrath for years. Check out the clip below to see just how well the suction-cup bodywork fix turns out.

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