YouTube was made to be a place where people post videos. But this was before anyone realized just how much rubbish gets committed to pixels every day, and how easy it would become to capture said rubbish because every gadget everyone owns contains a video camera. Still, there are some terrific productions once you get through the flying cats and yawning bunnies, such as Grand Theft Auto: RISE, by Gevorg Karensky.

With Grand Theft Auto V due next Spring – trailers here and here – plenty of folks beyond RockStar Games are getting amped up. Karensky has done a live-action short featuring Nico Bellic sent on a first mission for the evening, the unique detail being the overlaid map and identifiers of who's joined, what mission has been completed or failed and who's died. We hope there are more to come. You can watch the first one below.

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