Perhaps the clash between CHAdeMO and SAE Combo fast charger standards can be resolved by free market enterprise. For example: The Equinox 50kW fast DC charger, which "will be the first unit on the market to combine both CHAdeMO and Combo protocols," according the GRIDbot website.
Equinox is being developed by GRIDbot and IES-Synergy through a strategic partnership to help deployment of electro-mobility in North America. GRIDbot is distributing and servicing IES' fast chargers. The Equinox will likely be the first to combine the two connector standards into a single wired connection and a single station, enabling power flow and communications for any modern plug-in vehicle (adapter required for Tesla models). It should be available on the North American market during the first quarter of 2013.

GRIDbot and IES say the new chargers will be delivered through the Plug-n-Ride Network that will process nationwide financial transactions, data management and reporting and record carbon reductions for carbon credit data collection. Users of the system will be able to upgrade at a later date to access vehicle-to-grid capabilities.

Japanese automakers, particularly Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi, are supporting the CHAdeMO standard, which has been in use primarily in Japan since 2010. SAE Combo supporters such as BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors, prefer having one port to charge at both Level 2 and DC fast charge. CHAdeMO requires an extra port to accommodate fast charging.

The battle is on for which protocol will dominate EV fast charging networks. Perhaps Equinox could support a peace treaty?

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