A small plane on a approach to a Texas airport collided with a car that ran a stop sign and veered onto its path Saturday afternoon.

The accident occurred at Northwest Regional Airport, on the northwest outskirts of Dallas. The wife of the student pilot flying the plan was shooting video of his approach – his first solo landing.

As the airplane approaches the runway threshold, a black SUV runs a stop sign and stops in front of the plane. The plane's landing gear was sheared off on impact, and the pilot was unhurt when his plane skidded to a stop.

Airport manager Glen Hyde rushed to the scene to see if anyone was hurt, and then got into an argument with the car occupants, Frank and Heather Laudo.

"Why did you pull out in front of an airplane is what I wanna know," Hyde asked, according to a tape reviewed by The Dallas Morning News.

"We didn't see it," Frank Laudo said.

"We didn't pull out in front of an airplane," Heather Laudo said.

"Yes you did," said Kandy Davis, wife of the pilot.

The student pilot, William Davis, 55, was only weeks away from completing the requirements for his private pilot's license. But the incident left him shaken, and he has decided to give up flying.

"Things like that make you reconsider what is important and what could have happened," Davis told WFAA. "I have a young daughter and a wife and they need me to be there to take care of them."

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