Hey, it beats flipping someone the bird.

Electric-vehicle charging-station maker Blink has come up with somewhat of a solution for electric vehicle (EV) drivers frustrated by gas-powered vehicles parking in spaces designated for EVs – also known as getting "ICE'D."

The company designed a "Blink Courtesy Notice" that EV drivers can print up and place on the windshield of the offending cars. The messages range from somewhat polite ("You are parked in a spot designated for electric vehicles only.") to, well, rude-slash-funny ("I don't park my EV at your gas pump, so don't park at my charger.").

The concept of EV-charging etiquette is becoming more important as electric-drive vehicle sales broaden. Earlier this month, Ford, which recently started selling its Focus Electric, was kind enough to create an etiquette ist, such as moving an EV after it's charged and not putting people at risk of tripping over a charging cord.

As far as how much paper such Blink notices might end of wasting? We won't get into that.

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