It's a good thing someone at Green Car Reports can read French.

The blog, citing France-based L'Automobile, says BMW will unveil its all-electric i4 concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month.

The i4 will likely be a sportier version of the i3 city EV. The car will have two doors, instead of the i3's four doors, and will likely retail for north of $50,000 whenever it becomes available to the public.

Reports started surfacing last August that BMW would introduce i4 and i5 models to complement its i3 and i8 vehicles for the German automaker's i sub-brand of electric-drive vehicles.

The i3, the successor to the current ActiveE model that's being leased out in limited numbers, is said to have 170 horsepower and was originally slated to start sales to the public next year, though BMW reportedly was talking about delaying or even shelving sales plans for its electric-drive vehicles because of high costs and perceived lack of demand.

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