Ah, SEMA. Always a bastion of terrific ideas and entirely tasteful modifications. The latest innovation to come from the show that brought you this, and that is a product called Street Stamps. Building off of the previous popularity of underglow lights, Street Stamps project a customizable image on the ground from your vehicle. The image can be rendered in white, blue, red, green, yellow or a custom color at the owner's request.

To install, all you need is to drill a 3/4-inch hole into your side view mirror or another strategic location. From there, you are all set to broadcast to the world your hatred for all things Bowtie or your disdain for import vehicles (popular options, according to the video).

Similar implementations of this technology is found in the Ford Mustang and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, where the exterior courtesy lighting (sometimes called "puddle lamps") feature brand-specific designs. These OEM systems shut off when the vehicle is in motion – it's not readily apparent if Street Stamps do the same. If, in fact, the image can be projected while the vehicle is in motion, there would seem to be some obvious legal issues.

Click below to check out the video. We'd hate to imagine one drilling into a side mirror on one of the pair of Lamborghini's in this vid, but what price can you put on personal expression, right? Obligatory warning for some foul language. Let us know what you think about this product in the comments below.

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