It would seem Turn 10 has outdone the Need For Speed franchise on it's own turf with Forza: Horizon with one glaring exception. No matter where you turn or what sort of mayhem you unleash on the countryside, there is no law enforcement. Fortunately, EA Games is ready to serve up the newest foray into the Need For Speed universe with NFS: Most Wanted. As you might suspect, the gameplay focuses on illegal street racing and the law's attempts at maintaining order. EA Games has turned out the first ad for the title, and if the game play is as entertaining as the clip below, we'll want a turn at the controller.

The add pits an array of would-be lawbreakers against the boys in blue in a little real-life showdown, but it takes one hooligan in a Ford Focus ST to get the party started. Check out the clip below to see what we mean.

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