TomTom has released its congestion index for the second quarter of 2012, and Istanbul, Turkey took the dubious honor of being the most congested city in Europe. With a rating of 57 percent, the city suffers from more than double the average congestion of the rest of the continent. Warsaw, Poland came in second with a 47-percent rating, though morning peak traffic sees that number swell to 93 percent. Marseille, France, Palermo and Rome, Italy round out the top five.

But TomTom didn't just put an eye on Europe. The navigation company also turned its analysis on North America.

Not surprisingly, Los Angeles walked away with the top slot with a rating of 34 percent. Vancouver, Canada came in at just one percent behind LA, while San Francisco took the bronze. Montreal and Toronto filled out the North American top five this go around. You can head over to the TomTom site for a closer look at the breakdown as well as the company's methodology.

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