Porsche 962 driven through the streets of Japan

The Porsche 962 dominated racetracks, and you'll be pleased to see that it's equally at home on public roads. The video above shows a street-legal Porsche 962C prototype acting like just another daily driver in Japan.

Despite looking bouncy on the surface streets, the driver states that it's fairly easy to live with behind the wheel. To illustrate this, we're treated to the sight of a 962 tackling day-to-day mundanities like filling up at a gas station, then heading to a convenience store for a Red Bull. (Note the parking spot that's chosen.)

As is the case with most auto enthusiasts, the owner of this 962 fell in love with the car while watching it race. The video, beautifully produced, delves into some of that history as well as the backstory for this particular car. It's a fun watch, so check it out below.

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