Everyone has to have a niche, we suppose. That would explain Colin Furze. The UK man claims a Guinness World Record for largest bonfire (2006), longest motorcycle (2008) and fastest mobility scooter (2010). So it seems that Furze is set on knocking off obscure world records, and his latest attempt might be the most creative yet.

Furze has built a muscled-up and modified pram (Yankee translation: baby stroller) that reaches speeds previously unfathomable in the world of infant transportation. The stroller has a 10-horsepower motor and four gears, and it looks mighty fast. It is all in the name of setting a new world record for, you guessed it, the fastest stroller.

Thankfully, the YouTube video's description provides a safety disclaimer, "Just for the nob heads no i haven't put a real kid in at speed and no its not road legal hence why i had to film this on private road." If only corporate disclaimers could be so eloquent.

This Sunday, Furze will make his world record attempt at Avon Park Dragstrip in the UK. The record is 30 mph. From the video below, it's apparent that the previous record should be soundly dispatched. The real question is, will Furze hit the promised 50 mph? We'll just have to wait to find out. Oh, and might we recommend a helmet?

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