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The List #0414: Buy A Car For European Delivery

Let's face it, the dealership experience when buying a new car is not very special. But when you're handing over serious stacks of cash for a car that you've dreamed of owning, the occasion calls for something more than a free car wash before you drive off the lot. That's where something like the European Delivery program offered by BMW comes in. Instead of picking up your new M3 at the local dealer, BMW builds it in Munich and has it waiting for you to come get it. And while you're there, why not tour the factory where your car was built, visit the BMW Museum and world headquarters, and then go off on your own and explore what Germany has to offer a new BMW owner. And did we mention you actually save money by taking possession of your BMW this way?

Taking an international pilgrimage to pick up your new car is an experience that easily makes The List, so we sent Jessi and Patrick to Germany to walk us through what it's like for a new owner who goes this route, including the special treatment and various places one gets to go during the visit to BMW's campus in Munich.

The experience also afforded Jessi and Patrick the opportunity to complete a couple of other items on The List that could only be done in Germany. Can you guess which two they chose? What would be on your German edition of The List? If you haven't already guessed, you'll find out when we publish the next two episodes in the coming weeks.

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