We doubt the developers of the Toyota Prius had this in mind, but we'll take it.

The Ferrari with the most power ever, which will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next January, will indeed be a hybrid, Automotive News reports, citing people it declined to identify. The new model, which will replace the limited-edition Enzo, will pair a V12 with an electric motor that combined will deliver an ungodly 900 horsepower.

Ferrari has already said it's working on a carbon fiber chassis that will cut weight by 20 percent relative to the one used for the Enzo, which means the hybrid components will simply bring the new hybrid to the same weight as the Enzo. The automaker said at the Paris Motor Show last month that it would launch its first hybrid "in the near future," though didn't divulge details such as the timeframe or model name. Some reports have said the car will be called the F70. We'll just call it a beast, for now.

Ferrari in April hinted that a hybrid was forthcoming, saying that one of its models would have a "green factor" in order to help cut the company's fleetwide greenhouse gas emissions.

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