If you've ever found yourself thinking the world needs more miniature supercharged V8 engines, think no more. Conley Precision Engines has put the finishing touches on its Stinger 609; a 6.09 cubic inch, fully-functional V8 engine. The little mill has its own supercharger, dual carburetors and a functional serpentine belt and turns out a full nine horsepower. The machine revs to a lofty 10,000 rpm and sounds like the offspring of a dentist's drill and a lumpy-cam small block. In other words, it's perfect. The Stinger 609 is 14 inches long from tip to tailshaft, just under half as wide and sits 10 inches tall. It tips the scales at 11.25 pounds.

Think this is the world's greatest paperweight? We'd be inclined to agree if the machine didn't carry such an eye-widening price tag. Conley Precision Engines will politely ask for $7,000 before handing you your own scale blown V8. We're just happy to live in a world where something like this exists. Check out a quick clip of the engine in action below.

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