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The List #0248: Attend the Woodward Dream Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise is billed as the largest one-day automotive event in the world. Around 1.5 million people show up on a Saturday each August and line both sides of a seven-mile stretch of historic Woodward Avenue in the outskirts of Detroit. They come to watch some 40,000+ classic, custom and muscle cars cruise all eight lanes of road at little more than idling speed. Begun only in 1995, the Cruise feels like it's been happening since the golden era of Detroit that it honors. For Detroiters, it's become a way of life. For everyone else, it's high up on the list of 1,001 Car Things To Do Before You Die.

We sent Jessi Combs to the D during Woodward week to experience the event for herself and report back for The List. As we suspected, she encountered all types of native Detroiters who love the Woodward Dream Cruise, as well as some anti-Cruisers who don't share that sentiment. Sans Patrick for this episode, Jessi met up with Autoblog/AOL Auto's own Scott Burgess, who was participating in the Cruise in his own 1964 Chevy Corvair Convertible.

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