Forza Horizon is set to hit shelves on October 23, and the good people at Turn 10 have been kind enough to give us all a glimpse at what their new video game will bring to the racing table when it bows. Unlike previous racers, Turn 10 says Forza Horizon will be more of an open sandbox, allowing players to race around on hundreds of miles of simulated Colorado roads while facing down oncoming traffic. We're sure there will be some sort of appropriately lengthy disclaimer discouraging players from street racing like they do in the game out in the real world.

The newest addition to the Forza library includes plenty of night racing, dirt road action and a massive in-game motorsports festival called, fittingly enough, "Horizon." At any point, players can stop and photograph the scenery and their cars within it. Looks very cool to us. You can check out the first behind the scenes video below for more information as well as plenty of in-game clips. Stay tuned for more videos as they're released.

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