While we're not completely sure on the specifics of this video, two things we know for sure are that ( 1) this dashcam owner really needs to learn how to edit a video and ( 2) the driver of this car will likely stay in his or her lane during future turns.

After spending a minute and a half of staring at what has to be one of the worst-designed intersections in the world, the driver of this dashcam-equipped car starts to make a left-hand turn and attempts to go around a Toyota minivan that is slowing down for a large truck. In doing so, the car ends up behind a crane being hauled on a lowboy trailer, and at some point the crane hooks to the car. What we can't see is how the car gets hooked to the crane, but it's enough to pick the car up, turn it 90 degrees and drag it down the street at a 45-degree angle with horns blaring and tires screeching. The unknowing truck driver is only made aware of the situation thanks to a moped rider who speeds by the entangled vehicles and gets the truck to stop.

Scroll down to watch the frightening video (and skip to the 1:34 mark for the action to get started).

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