Meet Curtis. Curtis karts. Curtis has fun karting. Through the work of Christopher Kippengerger, Curtis karting looks kind of epic.

An installment from eGarage, a self-proclaimed automotive storyteller website, "Kart Kids" uses slow motion and high production values to make the youngsters racing look like F1 drivers. F1 drivers... whose parents work on their karts shirtless, and have the checkered flag waived by an overweight man in a tank top. Good stuff all around.

Curtis, who is nine years old and has been karting for two years, provides a very succinct explanation of grip. In his words "The way grip works is when its hot, the wheels melt a little bit, and you go into the curve it will be a little softer, and it sticks on the ground and then you have grip."

We could not have explained it any better ourselves. Scroll below to see all of the through-the-roof production values that make karting look like the most important thing to ever happen.

Oh yeah, and in explaining traction, Curtis leaves us with his own bit of commentary; "It's easy..."

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