Vintech 550 Tribute is a carbon fiber dream, not for sale

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We caught up with the Vintech team at the Quail Motorsport Gathering to get a closer look at the team's 550 Tribute. As you may recall, the Paris-based company specializes in building concept cars for a number of manufacturers and wanted to show off its talents to the world at large. Under the attractive silver paint, every body panel on the 550 Tribute is carbon composite.

Styling aside, the real stunner is in the engine bay. Vintech tucked an in-house designed and built 3.0-liter flat four-cylinder engine in front of a Porsche gearbox. The block was milled from a solid chunk of aluminum and is fed by two Weber carbs, though the company says it could just as easily use fuel injection for better efficiency.

Despite having multiple offers for purchase, Vintech says the 550 Tribute is not for sale. Furthermore, it won't produce anything similar for mass consumption. And what did Porsche have to say about the one-off? According to Vintech, the German automaker stopped by to have a look at the retro-styled carbon fiber sports car and approved of the design and construction wholeheartedly.

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