A man in rural Oklahoma was arrested Saturday night for ramming a county police car three times. Not with his car, but with his mule-pulled covered wagon.

Keith Woolery refused to pull over and encouraged the mules to smash the police car, which sustained minor damage, according to a police report in Wister, Okla. He was charged with public intoxication and assault and battery on a police officer. He denied the charges, and said he was trying to stop the mules.

"I don't usually have problems out of them," Woolery told KSFM-TV. "It's just when they get spooked they do get sideways a little bit."

Police said that Woolery was drunk, but could not be charged with DUI because he was not driving a motorized vehicle. They alleged he refused to exit the covered wagon, resisted arrest and had to be Tasered.

Woolery admitted that he had a few beers on the road from Heavener, near the Arkansas border, but said the police presence agitated the mules.

"They shouldn't have parked that close and they shouldn't have been trying to ram a mules head on with another car with lights and sirens going," he told the TV station.

A police spokesperson refused to discuss the case.

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