Fans of the popular British futbol soccer team Manchester United are calling for a boycott of the club and their sponsors in the wake of a recently announced massive General Motors sponsorship deal. According to a Reuters report, the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) is the group calling for the boycott. MUST released a statement last week outlining the group's intentions: "The boycott strategy is intended to send a loud and clear message to the Glazer family and club sponsors that without the support and purchasing power of the fans – the global strength of Manchester United brand doesn't actually exist."

Those strong words come in the wake of the General Motors sponsorship deal with Manchester United, which may in part have led to the ousting of marketing boss Joel Ewanick from his post at GM. To get the Chevrolet Bowtie on the club's iconic red jerseys, GM will be $70 million next year, with a 2.1-percent increase each following year.

MUST claims that the Glazer family is diluting the team by putting it in debt in the $1.23 billion takeover. The group may be alluding to the upcoming IPO of the team. Manchester United is looking to raise $330 million by trying to move 16.7 million shares on a public offering August 9.

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