A worker shovels some of the fish off the road (Credit:... A worker shovels some of the fish off the road (Credit: CEN).
Okay, I admit it. When I drove a furniture-store truck in high school, there were a couple of times that I forgot to close the back of the truck, prompting people to call my boss. But that was nothing compared with the monumental mess created by a Polish truck driver who let loose 24 tons of sardines loose out of his "lorry," as the Europeans call a truck, onto a road near Kolobrzeg, Poland.

The site of so many sardines on the road looked almost biblical. 'At first we thought it was some sort of divine judgement - like a plague of locusts or frogs,' motorist Wladyslaw Nowak, 62, reported TheMailOnline.com, the online version of London's Daily Mail newspaper.

Police say the fish came from a truck driven by truck-driver Jakub Carowski, 26, who failed to shut the back door of the vehicle properly. The driver is being fined over $5,000 to pay for the clean-up.

These things happen. The worst truck spills involve chemicals and petrol. But sometimes these incidents touch our funny bones. Last May, a Brinks truck driving through northern Ontario hit a rock out-cropping that tore a gash in the vehicle sending $5 million in coins out onto the highway. The wreck set off a chain reaction of vehicles crashing into the wreck, one of which was a candy truck that spilled out onto the highway mixing with the coins.

A truck in Sugarland Texas in 2008 spilled 5,000 gallons of Molasses on the roadside. That's right...in Sugarland. But the freakiest incident we have heard of was a truck carting a beached whale through the Taiwanese city of Taihan. Gases had built up inside the 56-foot sperm whale while it was on the way out of town, causing it to explode, spraying whale guts all over a neighborhood.

Like we said. These things happen.

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