Tour the broken and beautiful parts of Detroit by drone

Unless you find yourself a native of Detroit or the city's surrounding precincts, you may have an image of the metropolis as a hive of decay. We can hardly blame you. The media and visitors alike love nothing more than to feast their lenses on the area's decaying underbelly, but it's far from all bad – there are many pockets of the Motor City that are undergoing bona-fide revivals. Detroit was built on the back of the automobile, so it's ironic that the automobile arguably sparked the city's undoing – even before the industry nosedived. That's because the mass production of cars led to them being affordable to everyday people, which in turn led to suburbanization, a move that eventually stripped much of Detroit's core.

Of course, Detroit's 'ruin porn' certainly has a photogenic aspect, and YouTube user Tretch5000 seems know that fact all too well. The master quadrocopter pilot strapped an HD camera to his remote-control flying machine and proceeded to film both the good and bad sides of The D.

With a little bit of clever editing we get to see the area's tired industrial ruins and its once-mighty Michigan Central train station juxtaposed against the greenery of Belle Isle and just about everything in between. It's a unique perspective on a still-iconic part of America's automotive heartland. Take a look at the video for yourself below.

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