While some automakers are streamlining platforms and models globally, Honda is going the other way, with more locally developed variants of models. There is a new Honda Fit on the way for the 2013-2014 timeframe, says Automotive News, and Honda is reportedly hoping the platform will sell more than one million vehicles. Honda thinks the way to hit that volume is by basing a new crossover vehicle off the next-generation Fit.

Buyers in the U.S. and Eurpean markets have a substantial appetite for truckish anti-wagons, and Honda already manages to sell 800,000 Fit and Fit-based vehicles, including the eight-seat JDM Freed, but that's probably not what Honda means when talking about a small crossover. If a Fit-ute takes off, it will help Honda get a quicker return on its investment in a new plant in Mexico that's expected to open in 2014 and is already lined up to build the Fit hatch.

A smaller CR-V could be automotive hotcakes for Honda, though the Fit's 1.5-liter engine might need to hit the gym if it's going to keep pace.

Honda Fit Information

Honda Fit

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