Chris Shunk's last show, BMW Diesels, Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test, Malibu Eco dislike, smaller Nissan Z

Episode #290 of the Autoblog Podcast is here, and this week is a sad one, since it's Chris Shunk's last show before moving on from Autoblog. Chris, Dan, and Zach are joined by Autoblog editor-in-chief John Neff to chat about some of our reminisces with Mr. Shunk over his tenure, as well as bit into news topics like BMW sending more diesels, a lighter, smaller Nissan Z, the dislike heaped upon the Chevrolet Malibu Eco, and Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test dust-up. Your questions and comments power the end of the 'cast, and for those of you who hung with us live on our UStream channel, thanks for taking the time. We've embedded our Q&A module after the jump for you to scroll through and follow along, too. Thanks for listening!

Autoblog Podcast #291:


In the Autoblog Garage:
2012 Land Rover Range Rover
2012 Nissan Versa
2013 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible
2012 Toyota Camry

Hosts: Dan Roth, Chris Shunk, Zach Bowman, John Neff
Runtime: 02:02:47

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