After building Brutus, an all-electric retro-cruiser, Chris Bell decided he could improve on that initial machine. And he did, creating a stripped down, more brutal 2.0 version with lithium batteries and a stronger driveline. Now, Bell Custom Cycles is ready to build bikes for paying customers.

The company aims to deliver its first five orders in time for Christmas. Besides being on your best behavior, it will also take a sizable amount of cash to have Santa place one under your tree, though. The price for a well-equipped, hand-built-in-America example (pictured above in cafe trim) starts at $45,000 and includes a weekend trip to the company's headquarters in Las Vegas, NV for a customer-specific customization session.

While we busy ourselves investigating the going price for kidneys on the international black market, scroll on down for the official press release along with a video featuring more shots of this latest twist on the Brutus, along with bonus footage featuring a view of the shifter under hard acceleration.

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Bell Custom Cycles announces first run of custom Brutus electric motorcycles in world

Bell Custom Cycles, producer of hand-crafted custom Brutus electric motorcycles, has begun accepting orders for its first run of five motorcycles to be delivered in December 2012. Our made-to-last motorcycles are hand made in America, using American parts and suppliers. These are the first cruiser-style electric motorcycles available to the public anywhere in the world.

Riding a Brutus Motorcycle is simply different. Without the jarring vibrations and grumbling noise of a typical sport cruiser's internal combustion engine, barriers between the rider and his environment disappear while the performance and power remain. The landscape glides by from the seat of a Brutus instead of skittering to get out of the way.

Getting rid of the jolting vibrations caused by an internal combustion engine drastically reduces the wear and tear on the motorcycle and its rider. Brutus Motorcycles are high performance, long-lasting machines meant to drive 50,000 miles with minimal maintenance. Brake pads and tires will be the biggest items to replace. And with the largest battery pack available to an electric motorcycle, Brutus Motorcycles won't leave their riders worrying whether they'll get to their destination.

This is the first time in history that an electric cruiser-style motorcycle can be purchased by a member of the public. There have been plenty of concept motorcycles displayed behind ropes at shows but none was for sale. Brutus Motorcycles start at $45,000 for a well-equipped model. The price includes a weekend trip to the company's headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada to sit down with the company's owners, Chris Bell and Gene Seymour, and customize each individual motorcycle to its owner.


Bell Custom Cycles was founded in 2010 by Chris Bell in Henderson, Nevada. The company developed and built the patent pending Brutus line of electric motorcycles and has continued research and development. Gene Seymour, of Tacoma, Washington, joined the company in 2012 to continue improving future advancements in our technology systems, drivetrains and the Brutus brand. High end, exclusive, and low production are very descriptive of our philosophy, this insures every hand crafted Brutus will last for generations to come and leave our facilities with the most up to date technology. Add to this a dedication to classic American styling and we have obtained our goal of building timeless unique machines that survive the test of time.

As long time motorcycle riders we understand the changing needs of the riding community and stand behind our products 100%. We also believe it is time to make conservation cool again, bring back American made products and help save the planet one ride at a time.

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