Infographic: Top Gear Test Track data going back to 2002

We've found an infographic for those who want to know everything there is to know about the Top Gear Test Track. The visualized data set comes courtesy of Boost Labs, which is a design and technology firm that has a passion for cars embedded deep within its corporate culture. Since Top Gear is the most common talk around the water cooler, the Boost Labs offices turned their formidable design and technology talent to Clarkson and Co.'s private playground.

The main wheel of the infographic breaks down information such as Power Lap times, weather conditions and episode data for every car that's tackled the Test Track going back to 2002. Farther down we have a breakdown of the 10 most affordable cars to be tested and how their performance capabilities stack up, a bit of eduction on the Stig and the track itself, and then an awards presentation for the superlative performers in categories like lightest, fastest, most powerful and easiest on the bank account.

Scroll down to view the infographic yourself (click it to enlarge for easier viewing). You should also check out Boost Labs' interactive version of the infographic's main information wheel. We dig this company's work and hope they forget client projects and keep their minds on anything auto-related where it belongs.

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