A high-school cross-country runner was jogging along a Florida road Sunday night when an egg thrown from a passing vehicle left him clinging to life.

The egg hit Noah Grant, 17, in his right eye.

He immediately fell to the ground along the shoulder of Bayshore Boulevard, and tells The Miami Herald that it felt like his "face caved in." Thrown from a car traveling approximately 50 miles per hour, the raw egg pierced his eye and left him with a fractured eye socket, a mild concussion and fragments of egg shell that pierced his pupil.

"Going that fast, it's a rock, it really is," he said. "It's a heavy dense object with fragments, like a grenade really."

Worse yet, the vehicle from which the egg was thrown made a U-turn and doubled back for a second strike. Three juveniles were arrested by police, who received a tip that they had bought five dozen eggs at a nearby Walmart, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Grant, had hopes of entering the Marine Corps upon graduation from high school, but the extent of his injuries leaves that future in doubt.

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