When it comes to promotions, "25,000 free miles" certainly sounds sexier than $200 cash back, doesn't it?

However it's framed, that's what Zero Motorcycles is offering to buyers of the company's battery-electric two-wheelers during 2012, according to Two Wheel Mania. Zero calculated how expensive the electricity would be that's needed to power the bike for 25,000 miles and came up with $200, so that's what Zero is putting on a Visa gift card for buyers.

Zero, which conducted its "National Demo Day" last weekend, is trying to keep sales going strong this year after the company more than tripled first-quarter sales from 2011. Late last year, Zero said its 2012 models include a battery option that provides more than 110 miles of single-charge range in city driving and more than 60 miles on the highway. Prices for this year's Zero models range from $7,695 to $13,995. Minus $200, of course.

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