Clear your Monday nights. "World's Wildest Police Videos" has officially returned to Spike TV. The show spent a brief spell on TruTV, but will now lay claim to a prime-time spot during Spike's weekday lineup. The show airs footage from cruiser dash cams and the like to give the world a glimpse of what police face in cities across the country, from high-speed chases to armed bank robberies We wouldn't exactly call "World's Wildest Police Videos" intellectual entertainment by any stretch, but there's something to be said for switching off your brainbox for 30 minutes.

"World's Wildest Police Videos" comes from a long line of such noble shows. Paul Stojanovich Jr. helms the creation as executive producer. If that name looks familiar, it should. His father, Paul Stojanovich Sr. is the mind behind "COPS."

Look for "World's Wildest Police Videos" on Spike at 8:00 pm EST Mondays. In the meantime, click past the break for a look at the show.

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