Chances are, we'll never be able to park a Bugatti Veyron in our own personal garage. It's sad, we know. Fortunately for us, the crew at Visual Spicer have worked up a little something special to ease the pain: Behold a 2.5-foot long papercraft Veyron. The project soaks up 44 pages of 8.5x11-inch printer paper and encompasses a whopping 159 parts. Needless to say, sticking this thing together is going to take some time. And ink.

The good news is, the templates are entirely free, which means we'll be commandeering the dining room table for construction purposes in sweet little time. You can scroll down below to check out a time-lapse construction video for yourself or download the template over at Visual Spicer. We're sure they wouldn't mind a donation or two, either.

Bugatti Veyron Information

Bugatti Veyron

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