One Michigan car dealership sells almost one Chevrolet Volt every day, a far cry above the sales at most other dealerships. The reason is that the dealer's staff has been extensively trained on the car, aggressively cross-selling the model and playing up the green connection with two windmills on the property.

According to Forbes, Serra Chevrolet in Southfield, MI – about 15 miles northwest of Detroit – sells about 25 Volts a month. The dealer trains each salesperson specifically on the Volt for at least 12 hours and encourages them to cross-sell the car to customers that come in looking for anything from an SUV to a midsize to a compact. To put a green point on the deal, about 15 percent of the dealer's electric power is provided by two windmills located behind the building.

Some of the other better performing dealers in terms of Volt sales include Maryland's Criswell Chevrolet and Penske Chevrolet in Cerritos, CA, near Los Angeles. Such dealers are helping move a model that struggled for sales last year but has shown recent momentum. In March, the Volt had its most successful month since its late 2010 launch, selling 2,289 units, which was more than triple year-earlier sales.

Chevrolet parent General Motors will release April sales figures later this week.

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